Business management software

Each of our software products is designed to give you complete control over your business from anywhere. This means real time and historical sales reports at your fingertips, plus, easy access to stock, staff, pricing and programming.

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Make real-time decisions

Our software gives you instant access to whatever real-time sales data you need. All data is transferred onto graphs and charts which makes it easy for you to spot trends or patterns and react accordingly.

Historical insights

Historical reports will give you deep insights to sales and staff performance over time. You can use them to track, compare and contrast your historical data by day or by year and drill down to identify specific strengths and/or weaknesses in your operations.

Remote programming

Remote programming lets you make live programme changes across your entire estate, or schedule a specific event for a particular date. Simply adjust pricing, promotions and products and your POS touch screen tills will automatically update.

Business intelligence

Our software gives you the insights you need to make informed decisions about your business. See what’s really selling and at what price; identify your most effective staff; establish your peak sales periods…whatever! There are over 100 different reports to explore.

Export data

Extract financial reports at the click of a button. Export them into PDF and Excel CSV instantly.


Use our software to gain bird’s-eye view of your business, from anywhere, at any time, on any device. The software is versatile enough to be used by any businesses across the retail and hospitality sectors.


Our Software allows you to create innovative promotions and attention-grabbing vouchers, all designed to reward loyalty, stimulate new business and grow sales.

Accounts integrations

Our software links with HMRC-recognised accounts packages Xero and Sage50. Sales information is sent from our software to HMRC digitally, making tax easy, reducing administration and minimising human error.