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Order display

Do you want to be able to reduce queues and keep customers informed about their order?  Our collection point software is the answer.  It displays open orders on a screen or monitor directly from the EPOS terminal, so that customers can take a seat and keep an eye on their order’s progress in the queue.

So if you run a takeaway, restaurant, attraction park, warehouse store or have a waiting room, this software is for you.

Reduce queues

Keep the queues away from the counter at busy times and allow your customers to browse as they wait for their order to be prepared.

Estimated wait times

Our collection point software automatically generates wait times, so customers can see how long their wait is likely to be. It’s good business practice and it’s good customer care.


Why not use screen space to advertise to your customers? It’s a cost-effective way to promote your products and services and build customer loyalty. You may even upsell an existing order.

Order status controller

Once an order has been prepared and it is ready for collection, use your EPOS terminal or kitchen video system to finish the order ticket and notify the collection point software to announce that the order is ready to be collected.

Staff can recall any missed orders using the collection point’s remote control.

Your branding

Our collection point software is customisable so you can brand it to match your venue’s interior design. You can also use it to post engaging promotional display