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Customer loyalty software

A loyalty system lets you increase your profit margins by building and rewarding loyal customers who return regularly. Engaging with your customers and building relationships also encourages them to send out positive messages about your business.

Customer analytics

Loyalty software is the astute way to monitor your customers and their spending habits, allowing you to implement promotions that target specific stock, days or people.

Manage unused stocks

Loyalty lets you stimulate the purchase of unused stock with a points system for deferred discounts on selected lines.

Reward customers

Loyalty lets you interact more effectively with your customers by rewarding regular customers, or encouraging lapsed customers to return.

Rewards are endless

Loyalty lets you reward regular customers, members, VIPs or staff with instant discounts on their purchases. You can also create bespoke points schemes that incentivise customers to make repeat purchases for a deferred discount or other rewards.

Know your customers

Loyalty tracks your customers’ spending habits over time, so you can implement targeted promotions based on specific spending criteria. Having a detailed insight to their spending habits allows you to add value and upsell on each purchase.

Multiple sites

Loyalty can be installed across multiple sites and businesses, or on single back office systems, enabling customers to use their loyalty cards across a chain of sites.

Photo ID

The photo ID checking system allows the clerk to confirm the identity of the card holder so that cards are not shared or stolen cards used fraudulently.

Customer interactions

Loyalty helps you to create targeted customer interactions such as mailshots and SMS messages.