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CollectionPoint displays open orders on a screen or monitor directly from the TouchPoint till, so that customers can take a seat and keep an eye on their order’s progress in the queue. Queue-busting software for QSR, takeaways, restaurants, attraction parks, warehouse stores or waiting rooms.

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Key Features

Advertise – Use screen space to advertise to your customers. Let customers know all about your services as they anticipate their collection.

Automated Collections – Collection notifications are called from the CollectionPoint remote or when the kitchen finish a ticket on TouchKitchen.

Automated Orders – When an order is placed on TouchPoint, the order gets sent straight to CollectionPoint.

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Estimated Wait Times – Let customers know how long their wait is likely to be with automatically generated wait times.

Notification – When an order is ready to collect, an animation for the corresponding ticket will pop up on screen, along with an audio announcement.

Reduce Queues – Keep the queues away from the counter at busy times and allow your customers to browse as they wait for their order to be prepared.