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Kitchen video - order management

Kitchen video transforms the way your kitchen processes incoming food orders. With a kitchen video system, every customer order, from starter to dessert, is organised and formatted on a kitchen screen, which enables easy ticket management.

No lost tickets

Digital tickets go straight through to the kitchen display. So no more tickets getting dropped and trampled underfoot. And no more vital information getting lost or misread.


Cook timers remove the guesswork and let the chef know what is next. Staff can use one-shot timers or reset timers on individual tickets.

Cook Summary

Kitchen video not only gives precise information ticket by ticket, but it can also provide the chef with a summary of everything that’s on the ‘still to cook’ list.

Transform your kitchen

Imagine a kitchen where every piece of information is clear and legible, and there is no chance of misunderstanding what has been ordered. Welcome to kitchen video.

The system gives your kitchen staff complete control, including the ability to view, sort or peg meal orders, and to set preparation timers to ensure nothing is forgotten and that every meal goes out on time. It gives the chef absolute clarity about what is on each ticket and how many portions of each item must be prepared.

No missed orders

Kitchen video orders can’t be misplaced. In fact orders can be recalled, even after they’ve been cleared.

Link to collection displays

By linking yor kitchen video with digital signage, you can alerts customers that their order is ready to be collected. Alternatively, a ticket can be printed at the counter to signal waiting staff for service.

Organise courses

Kitchen video allows orders to be shelved between courses, so that they can be cleared when the entire meal is completed.

Prepare food on time

When staff take an order, the information is sent to kitchen video directly from the POS till system or the hand-held order pad. Kitchen staff can see it on their digital display and begin preparing the food straight away.

This means they can deal with each order as it arrives, peg orders between courses and alert the waiting staff when an order is prepared and ready to be served.

Bump bar

Kitchens tend to be hot, sticky, greasy environments, so adding a bump bar can make it much easier to control your display device. A bump bar is also useful for large wall mounted tablet displays where the screen may be out of reach.