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Keeping mobile means a better customer experience

Compact, accurate and paper-free, PocketTouch is the professional way to take food and drinks orders. If you’re in the hospitality/catering industries, this revolutionary hand-held system has been designed and developed specifically for you.

Faster service

Smooth, seamless integration allows more covers per table and faster table turnaround.

Customer satisfaction

With all the information they need in their hands, PocketTouch helps your staff get orders right every time. The result – a stress-free, enjoyable service and increased customer satisfaction.

Bust those queues!

PocketTouch enables service staff to take orders even at the busiest times. Just think of its queue-busting potential!

More efficient service keeps everyone happy

PocketTouch transfers orders seamlessly from the table or queue, straight into the kitchen or bar, which means prompt service to the customer. What’s more, the system automatically updates any order changes onto the bill, increasing efficiency and accuracy. So service is faster and table turnaround is quicker.

Inform the kitchen

PocketTouch keeps the kitchen fully informed of any special customer requests or allergies.

Cut out mistakes

No more mistakes on handwritten orders. And no mistakes means a happy chef, a happy kitchen and happy customers.

Keep staff informed

PocketTouch tells your staff know what’s on the menu and what isn’t. If an item is out of stock, waiting staff will know immediately.

Increase your revenue

So you want to seat as many parties per meal service as possible? PocketTouch gets customers’ orders through to the kitchen promptly, with minimal waiting. What’s more, digital tickets minimise mistakes and mean that more orders are right first time, reducing returns to the kitchen.

Plus, with payments and complete checks right at the table, you save time and free the table for your next customers.

Multi-level floor plan

PocketTouch gives you easy-to-navigate precision control of its floor plan.

You can assign names to tables, allowing waiting staff to provide personalised customer service.

Or by highlighting a table, you can check its current status, including table open/closed, total, items, and the bill status.

The multi-level floorplan also allows customers to sit where they like and be found by your waiting staff, even in a beer garden. And if they move, simply transfer the bill to another table.