Outdoor events

However spontaneous it may appear, any pop-up venue or event still requires considerable preplanning and logistics. So whatever the nature of your event, we have an EPOS solution that far surpasses the traditional cash register.

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Fast, reliable internet for stalls and stages and everything in between.

Cash register & EPOS rental

We can provide both cloud based EPOS systems and standalone cash registers.

Card Payments

Our EFT solutions are fast and reliable.


A great event is reliant on things running smoothly, and communication systems working effectively can make or break your event. Stallholders will need a connection to take card payments, and capture details on their own apps and devices.

Having a great broadband and Wi-Fi setup will also help the organisers of any event/festival allocate staff and keep festival goers safe with great communication.

The importance of social media makes a good Wi-Fi network for the event an absolute must. Supplying guest Wi-Fi helps event/festival goers showcase their experiences in real time with the world. Increased social sharing builds a buzz around your event & promotes brand awareness. A well connected audience is invaluble.

Short term cash register and EPOS rental

We can provide both cloud based EPOS systems and standalone cash registers. Cloud based solutions allow you to access all sales figures and product information from anywhere in the world. You can make instant changes to products and prices allowing you the freedom to act on stock issues instantly.
You can get live insights into your business with back office account’s visual performance reports. These enable you to identify trends across several events.
Should your power supply fail, your data remains safe and even the last transaction is stored securely. Here’s the bottom line – you can rely on our EPOS systems.

Our software comes fully loaded with product promos, happy hour price changes, kitchen and bar prep printing, personalised customer display with adverts and customer prompting.

Rather than purchase, you can choose to rent you EPOS system and standalone cash registers. You can also add a back office subscription for a complete short-term EPOS solution. We offer rental periods for as short as 2 days.

Card Payments

Our EFT solutions are fast and reliable. Customers can pay at their convenience via credit/debit cards, contactless or mobile payment methods. Our card solutions can run on both 4g or your own own Wi-Fi allowing for an uninterupted card payment solution.

Receive your takings from 10am the next day, and with our PCI compliant payments and point-to-point encryption as standard, your customers data is safe and secure.