Pop-up events

However spontaneous it may appear, any pop-up venue or event still requires considerable preplanning and logistics. So whatever the nature of your event, we have an EPOS solution that far surpasses the traditional cash register.

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Easy to use and program

Setup your products, prices and promotions with ease from the EPOS terminal. Or, go online and login to your back office account to make instant changes across multiple sites from anywhere.

User friendly

Our software is designed to be simple to use, with a friendly user interface for easy navigation. It has the flexibility to operate the way you want your business to operate.

Powerful reporting

You can get live insights into your business with back office account’s visual performance reports. These enable you to identify trends across several events.

So many standard features

Our software comes fully loaded with product promos, happy hour price changes, kitchen printing, personalised customer display with adverts and customer prompting.


For an affordable solution, our touch screen EPOS software will run on portable devices.


Rather than purchase, you can choose to rent you EPOS system. You can also add a back officesubscription for a complete short-term EPOS solution. We offer rental periods for as short as 2 days.

Card payments

Our EFT solutions are fast and reliable. Customers can pay at their convenience via credit/debit cards, contactless or mobile payment methods.


Our EPOS systems have many secure sign on methods, including simple PIN numbers, magnetic cards, iButtons, finger prints and RFID cards. It can also restrict staff to using only selected features, with manager override. In addition, all actions are recorded in a fully identifiable audit trail. Other core security measures include a cash declaration for managers, remote journal viewing, keg/spirit dispenser monitoring, full stock control and remote customer display, all of which help to monitor and reduce shrinkage.


Our software ensures your business keeps trading even during unforeseen events. It does not rely on the internet, so if your broadband fails you can continue to make sales, float clerks, use and pay off tables, split a bill and print orders directly into the kitchen. Should your power supply fail, your data remains safe and even the last transaction is stored securely. Here’s the bottom line – you can rely on our EPOS systems.