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Pub & bar EPOS systems

Whether you run a trendy wine bar, a gourmet gastro inn or fast’n’furious chain of pubs, the complete Pub & Bar till system from EPOS NI will handle the hectic pace and tough demands of your working environment, helping you to run your business smoothly and efficiently.

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Our EPOS systems are optimised for speed and efficiency and their quick operation requires very few key presses. This minimises bar queues and keeps customers flowing. It also helps to reduce mix ups or mistakes from your bar staff.

Ease of use

Our modern software is easy for staff to understand and master. This means that new or temporary staff can learn to operate the system quickly, with minimal training.


Our software makes it easy for you to publicise upcoming events or promotions, arrange multiple price levels, create multi-buy offers and incentives, encourage upselling and prompt cross-promotion responses.

EPOS for pubs & bars

Our software provides everything you need, whether you’re starting a new business, expanding an existing enterprise or running a well-established, multi-site operation. Its out-of-the-box features allow you to produce product promos, happy hour price changes, kitchen printing, personalised customer display with adverts, customer prompting and loyalty schemes.

What’s more, our software integrates easily with a suite of complementary products to give you the flexibility your growing business needs.

Fast payments

Today’s customers expect to pay for goods and services with their credit or debit cards. Give them this option and bust those queues with an EPOS NI integrated EFT solution.

Table service

Keep your waiters smiling and your customers happy with our mobile handheld order pads. Our iPhone or Android handheld order pads keep staff informed, prompt questions, reduce mistakes and send the order to the kitchen instantly.


Loyalty features are incorporated into your EPOS terminal, so you can create compelling promotions targeting regular customers, encouraging them to return time after time.

Business management at your fingertips

You can access our back office software easily from any laptop, tablet or mobile phone and use it to check a stock order, make a price change or run a management report.

Food service

Our mobile waiter pads are the ideal way to provide table service as tickets are sent straight through to the chef via the kitechen video system. You can also use digital signage to show your menu or call customers to the point of collection.

Add ons

Our ordering app add-ons include such features as cocktail instructions, snooker table sessions, allergen alerts, split bill printing and more.

Card payments

Our integrated EFT solutions are quick and seamless, so customers can pay with credit/debit card, contactless and online payment methods.


Security is a priority for EPOS NI, so iall our software provides many staff ID methods and includes a cash declaration for managers, remote journal viewing, CCTV Journal Overlay, keg/spirit dispenser monitoring, full stock control, remote customer display.

Back office management

With our EPOS terminals you can check your overall sales activity and staff performance, then drill down to the finer details with a comprehensive reports engine. Product and stock management has never been easier.

Protect against fraud

Your business can be negatively impacted by outside parties, as well as by the actions of those within. Our EPOS solutions will help you detect, deter and mitigate the threat of fraud.

Digital menu

The virtual menu board on a large screen display, replaces your static menu displays and shows-off your menu in an attractive, enticing way.


Running out of items during busy nights is deeply frustrating for your customers and costs sales. So it’s vital to keep track of your stock. Our handheld device can help you with this. It quickly counts stock, scans barcodes, checks deliveries and generates labels. It also syncs with our back office software to create orders and update stock quantities.