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Stock Management Software

Our total stock management software is suitable for retail and hospitality environments and allows you to create orders, count stock and keep stock in sync in store and online.

Create supplier orders

Create supplier stock orders with a choice of using cases or individual units, streamlining the order process.

Book in deliveries

When a delivery of stock arrives from a supplier, the original order can be ‘booked in’ to update stock levels. If an order wasn’t created, on-the-fly deliveries can be created too.

Stock takes and adjustments

Use a product stock list during a stock take to update stock levels, or use the ins and outs feature to make a stock adjustment on a per product basis.

Stock variances

Once a stock take or adjustment has been performed, use the Stock Variance feature to see which product lines had missing or unaccounted for stock.

Wastage and returns

Wasted and returned items can be recorded to remove stock without affecting sales totals. A wastage reason is also recorded as a reference to what happened to the stock.


If you use a warehouse or shared stock pool, stock can be transferred from one branch to another.

Handheld stock counting

You can use our hand-held stock control software to count stock, scan barcodes, check deliveries and generate labels. It also syncs with our back office software to create orders and update stock quantities.


Recipes allow the right amount of stock to be taken from parent products when selling an item that is made up from several components, such as cocktails.

Quicker stock takes

Using our software you can perform quick and easy stock takes with more accuracy, freeing up your staff.

Simple Operation

Our software handles data effortlessly, enabling you to carry out a partial stock-take whenever you want. Individual product line checks are easy too, allowing you to keep on top of the riskier or faster moving product lines.

Price check

Our software will confirm that the price on the shelf is what’s being charged at the till. You can also limit its functionality to serve as a customer-operated price checker unit.

Generate labels

Sync with our back office system to easily generate a new shelf-edge label. No writing is required and everything is kept on track.

Minimise human error

Your staff don’t have to know what every product is called. Scanning the barcode ensures that product counts are not duplicated.