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If you want a complete, integrated solution for your fast food outlet and/or quick service restaurant, then it has to be one of our EPOS solutions.

The EPOS NI portfolio includes EPOS systems, interactive self-service stations, digital signage, delivery driver management and online ordering. In short, everything you need to take, process and deliver orders quickly and efficiently.

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Ease of use

Our software is simple to operate, so it is easy for new or temporary staff to learn the system and operate it with minimal training.

Compete online

A cystome designed webshop is a cost-effective way to capture your share of the online market, with no transaction fees or commission.

Bust those queues!

The smooth combination of fast till operations, order collection screens, online ordering and self service keep queues to a minimum.

Your own website

Attract your share of the digital market with an online presence created specifically for you and carrying your unique branding. Create a fast, efficient website with a clear, intuitive layout that lets users select exactly what they want via their computer, tablet or smartphone. The more customer satisfaction you create, the bigger the order they’ll place.

Encourage upselling

Offer more choice and prompt for upselling by adding quantity items or upgrade options alongside your key products.

Kitchen languages

English isn’t always the primary tongue amongst kitchen staff, so it makes sense to print orders in multiple languages for staff from different backgrounds.


Reward your regulars who keep coming back, or offer discount codes when ordering online.

Seamless integration

Our takeaway app integrates seamlessly with your EPoS and back-office software. This means all sales are recorded in real-time and are pushed through to your EPOS till like a standard in-store transaction. When the order is paid, the sale is also sent to the cloud based back office system.

Payment Methods

Our EFT solutions are fast, reliable and secure, allowing your in-store customers to pay via credit/debit cards, contactless or online payment methods. Those placing online orders can pay via credit/debit card, Paypal or cash on collection (optional).

Digital menu boards

Our digital menu system syncs with your EPOS system to display a live, up-to-date digital menu or a ‘specials’ board. Customers can see what’s on the menu and the price, which whets their appetite for your tasty offerings. You can make changes on the go or let the EPOS terminal automatically remove items that are out of stock.

Point of collection display screens

When orders are placed, our software displays open orders on a screen or monitor. Customers can take a seat and keep an eye on their order’s progress in the queue. When the meal is ready for collection, our software will prompt the customer to approach the counter.

Self service

Customers can independently use the interactive touchscreen menu to place their order and pay in-store without the assistance of staff. Self service can be used on kiosks, table-mounted pads or drive through screens.

Driver management

Orders from the EPOS till system can be allocated to available delivery drivers, including customer name, order details, address, directions and payment information. Drivers can login to the system as they return, so that they’re available for further orders.

Another way to manage your orders

What if you want to run a takeaway service but don’t need a fully featured EPOS solution? Then our commander app is the ideal way to manage your takeaway orders.

Once loaded onto a low-cost tablet, the commander app allows you manage orders as they arrive. This means you can quickly view, progress, complete or even reject orders, directly from the application’s interface.