EPOS for night clubs

In a nightclub speed of service is vital, our EPOS software has been optimised to be able to sell your entire product range with the minimum of key presses, clear uncluttered touch screens with the option of images instead of text further enhance the overall speed of operation.

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Door entry

Our software can be used at the nightclub door entry or cloakroom. It can produce tickets that can be used for admission or pinned to clothing for the cloakroom.

Quick to learn and easy to operate

New or temporary staff can quickly and easily learn how our EPOS system operates with minimal training.

Happy hour promotions

Schedule price changes to decreased for a period of time for promotions throughout the night.

Keeping up with the cocktails

When selling cocktails our EPOS software has the ability to guide the clerk through making each cocktail so even new staff can provide the drinks as they should be. Whether its a Pina Colada or a Purple Dragon, our software can provide the ingredient list, volumes, instructions and pictures.

Price management

Adjust your prices from the master terminal or remotely from our back office software and all your terminals will update instantly.

Time & attendence

Our back office software gives you day by day clock in and clock out information. If a member of staff disputes their hours, you have the facts.


Get real-time and historical sales reports and insights on our back office software. You will know what is actually selling and what isn’t.

Multimedia displays

Front facing large customer video screens allow the promotion of upcoming events or drinks promotions. In loud nightclub environments, the displays detail the current sale making it easy for customers to be sure that their order is correct.

Card payments

Card payments are fast and convenient for your customers and keep the queues at the bar to a minimum.

Stock management

Know your stock levels, schedule and place orders and easily keep track of your ins & outs.

Digital signage

Add attractive digital signage to display your drinks menus. Adjust pricing on-the-fly, schedule happy hours and rotate between wine/cocktail menus

CCTV security

Our EPOS system integrates with your CCTV, displaying transaction information.

Most business owners will be aware of theft that comes from outside sources, and will normally have processes in place to monitor and combat theft by customers. However, a business can also be impacted by the actions from those within. Insider theft is often harder to tackle because it can go undetected. Our software will help you detect, deter and mitigate the threat of fraud.