EPoS for Salons and Hair Dressers

A complete Retail Point of Sale system from ICRTouch has everything you need for a successful business. Whether you are a single independent or multi-site chain, ICRTouch has the right software for you.

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Ease Of Use / Programming

Setup your products, prices and promotions with ease from TouchPoint. Or, go online and login to your TouchOffice Web account to make instant changes across multiple sites from anywhere.

User Friendly

ICRTouch software is designed to be simple to use, with a friendly user interface for easy navigation. It has the flexibility to operate the way you want your business to operate.

Powerful Reporting / Financials

Print off your reports straight from the TouchPoint till at the end of the day. Drill down further and get deep insights into your business with performance reports from TouchOffice Web.

Customer Loyalty

TouchPoint comes with inbuilt loyalty features which enable you to run promotions and points schemes. Build a loyal customer base who are rewarded for returning again and again, increasing your profit margins. Engaging with your customers and building relationships also encourages them to speak highly of you to their friends and family, spreading a positive image of your business.

If you have multiple stores, the loyalty features can be used across your entire estate with TouchLoyalty.

Business Management At Your Fingertips

TouchOffice Web can easily be accessed from any laptop, tablet or mobile phone to check that stock order, make a price change or run a report to help you with your accounts even when you’re offsite.


Promotions are built-in to the till as standard. Automatic Mix & match promotions (e.g. BOGOF), Meal Deal promotions, Customer Loyalty points schemes, Age Challenge on selected products and more.


When you change your prices, you can prints shelf labels & bar codes direct from the till or TouchOffice Web. In department / industrial stores, you can integrate an A4 printer for invoices.

Journal Viewing

This allows management to remotely view the activity on one of the tills from another till or TouchOffice Web.

Scale Link

TouchPoint is UK Weights & Measures approved. When an item to be weighed is placed on the scale, TouchPoint calculates the price based on the weight of the selected item.

E-Commerce Webshop

ICRTouch software integrates with a selection of webshop solutions to allow your online sales to be processed through your TouchPoint EPoS system and TouchOffice Web back office software.

Stock Management

TouchStock handheld device can help you with your stock taking. Quickly count stock, scan barcodes, check deliveries and generate labels. It syncs with TouchOffice Web+ to create orders and update stock quantities.

Being able to keep track of what should be in stock allows you to easily identify what and how much has left the building without being put through the tilling system.


There are many methods of secure staff sign-on to ensure that you know exactly who was using the till at the time indicated in the audit trail. Methods include – simple PIN number, magnetic cards, iButtons, finger prints & RFID cards.

Cash declaration for managers, remote journal viewing, keg/spirit dispenser monitoring, full stock control, remote customer display help monitor and reduce shrinkage.

If you would like to find out more about how to monitor and prevent internal fraud, see our article and register your interest for our free “How To Spot Fraud” guide.